HAVE FUN WORKING HARD. Whether you're just learning to swim, or you're trying to perfect a specific stroke, or you're trying to break your personal record, swimming is hard work. While there are certain skills that must be developed and certain tasks that must be completed, swimming doesn't have to be monotonous. Here at Fast Forward Swimming we pride ourselves on constantly working to provide quality instruction in a fun and unique way. It's been said before that, "there is no substitute for hard work,"but who says it can't also be fun? Each day is an opportunity to challenge our swimmers, to celebrate progress (big and small) and to find reasons to smile along the way.

TEACH TECHNIQUE FIRST. All swimmers, regardless of ability need to focus on technique in order to improve their swimming. By learning proper technique, swimmers can become more efficient in the water and drastically improve. The effect of teaching proper technique is most noticeable with beginners, yet equally important with the most advanced swimmers. While the importance of correct arm and leg movements may seem obvious, proper body position will decrease a swimmers resistance in the water and increase the potential for improvement as more advanced stroke mechanics are applied and propulsion increases. With continued emphasis on proper technique, swimmers of all levels can swim faster and further with less effort.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Tyler swam with and against the best swimmers in the world and trained under some of the best coaches in the world. His personal experience as both a Swimmer and a Coach combined with his education in Kinesiology have helped him formed his philosophy on swimming. All of the instructors of Fast Forward Swimming have been trained in this philosophy. They are highly competent in teaching the quality techniques that are necessary for faster, more efficient swimming. 

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