CAN YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PROGRAM, SO I KNOW WHETHER IT WILL BE A GOOD FIT? For information about our teaching philosophy, click here. As far as our class variety, we offer three categories of swim instruction. Outlined below. For more specific information on each class offering, please browse our website.

  • Junior Guards: Classes Specifically designed to prepare kids for the LA County Junior Lifeguard program. Test Prep & Test Prep Extra – For swimmers planning to take the Junior Lifeguard Test this year.Conditioning – For swimmers who have already qualified for and/or participated in JG’s.
  • Swim Club: Classes focused on the development of the four competitive swimming strokes.
  • Private Lessons and Video Analysis: For swimmers with specific goals and needs. Early Beginners, Learn-to-Swim, Triathletes, Competitive Swimmers, etc.

WHAT IS YOUR SWIMMER TO INSTRUCTOR RATIO? It is our goal to maintain at least a 6:1 swimmer to instructor ratio for all of our classes. We find this number is optimal balance of cost and attention. When available, small group lessons (> 6:1) semi-private lessons (2:1) and private lessons (1:1) can be arranged as well.

WHAT ARE THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PROGRAM? For all classes, swimmers must be able to complete at least one length of the pool (25 yards) unassisted and not require an instructor in the water. For JG classes, swimmers must be at least 8 years of age, and must be able to complete at least two lengths of the pool (50 yards) unassisted.



WHERE DO YOU TEACH LESSONS? All classes take place at the Victor E. Benstead Plunge - 3331 W. Torrance Blvd. Torrance, CA 90501. 

IS THE POOL HEATED? The pool is outdoors and is heated to approximately 80 degrees F.

WHERE DO WE PARK? Free parking is available behind the pool. You can enter the parking lot from Torrance Blvd., Madrona Ave., and Civic Center Dr.

HOW DO WE GET INTO THE POOL? The main entrance to the pool is on the Torrance Blvd. side of the pool.

WHERE DO SWIMMERS GET DRESSED BEFORE AND AFTER CLASS? The pool has both Men’s and Women’s locker rooms with heated showers, day use lockers, and toilets. 

CAN PARENTS STAY AND WATCH? Parents, along with friends, family and siblings are welcome to stay and watch from the viewing balcony. Unfortunately only swimmers and coaches will be allowed on the pool deck.



WHAT EQUIPMENT DO SWIMMERS NEED TO HAVE? All swimmers attending a Fast Forward Swimming class are expected to wear a swimsuit, swim cap, goggles, and bring fins with them to every class. All Equipment should be labeled with their name. In the case of private lessons, more or less equipment may be expected.

  • Swimsuit: Boys should come wearing Jammers or Briefs. No Trunks/Boardshorts. Girls should come wearing a One-Piece. No Two-Pieces/Bikinis. No Rashguards. No Wetsuits.
  • Swim Cap: All swimmers will be required to wear a swim cap. All swimmers enrolled in JG Test Prep will receive a "Fast Forward Swimming" swim cap on the 1st day of class.
  • Goggles: When selecting a pair of goggles, look for goggles that create a good seal around the face. Adult goggles are often times to big for kids. Please opt for children’s sizes when possible. No Snorkels and/or Masks (or any goggles with a covered nose).
  • Fins: The fins we prefer are all-rubber with the heel attached (Tritan Brand). Long scuba type fins, plastic fins, or fins with heel straps create difficulty for the children during the lessons. (Zoomers are the only all-rubber fins that we do not prefer due to the fin being so short).

WHERE CAN I PURCHASE THE PREFFERED EQUIPMENT? Proper Swim attire can be purchased at The Swim Guy - 15900 Inglewood Ave., Lawndale, CA, 90260 (Near the intersection of Manhattan Beach, Blvd.) - (310) 793-9150



ARE CLASSES EVER ALTERED OR CANCELED? We will make every effort to accommodate your 1st choice. Should there be a sold out class, lack of enrollment, or mismatched abilities/ages, we will contact you as soon as possible.

ARE FEES REFUNDABLE? If you cancel at least 1 week prior to the start of the program, fees are refundable minus a 20% cancelation fee. No refunds are available after the start of the first class.

ARE CLASSES CANCELLED IF IT RAINS? Swim classes will continue as scheduled if it is raining. Classes are only cancelled if a representative of “Fast Forward Swimming” calls you personally to cancel. Otherwise, come ready to swim rain or shine! In the case of lightning, for safety reason the pool will be cleared at the sight of lightning and/or sound of thunder and the pool will remain clear for at least 30 minutes.

DO YOU OFFER MAKE-UPS CLASSES? We offer up to one 30-minute makeup class per month for missed classes. You must notify us 24 hours in advance of the scheduled class using the CONTACT US linkNo makeup classes are offered for classes that are missed without notice.

ARE SWIMMERS ALLOWED TO GET IN THE WATER BEFORE CLASS / STAY IN AFTER CLASS? Unfortunately, swimmers can only swim in the pool during their registered class. AND, they are only permitted to swim in the designated area for our program. Please keep your children away from the pool until it is their lesson time. Swimmers should not plan on arriving earlier than 10 minutes prior to class, and should not plan on staying longer than 10 minutes after class.

HOW IMPORTANT ARE THE LIABILITY FORMS? No swimmer will be allowed to swim in the pool until liability forms are signed. The forms need to be turned in the first day of swimming. Please plan on completing the forms ahead of time and bringing them or having someone in attendance that can sign liability forms on the first day of class.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I SHOW UP LATE TO CLASS? Every effort will be made for classes to start and finish on time. If you arrive late, your child may join for the remainder of the scheduled class.



HOW QUICKLY DOES REGISTRATION FILL UP? The program is sold on a "first come first serve basis" and the classes sell out quickly. There are no guarantees until you register fully with credit card information.  Completed registration & payment in full is required to secure a spot in a class. 

HOW MUCH DOES YOUR PROGRAM COST? Pricing and availability vary depending on the class. Please browse the website for the most accurate information.

HOW LONG IS YOUR PROGRAM? Duration and frequency of classes depends on the program. Please browse the website for the most accurate information.

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO SIGN UP FOR YOUR PROGRAM? The only way to sign up for our program is to register online. If you have questions please send us an email through the contact us button on the website.

DO YOU OFFER DISCOUNTS? Yes. Discounts are only offered for web registration at this time and require coupon codes. Discounts are not automatically applied. Customers must apply the coupon codes for each web transaction. There is a sibling discount when at least two siblings enroll in the same class. Please contact us to receive a coupon code for this discount.



WHO ARE THE COACHES? All the coaches that represent the Fast Forward Swimming program are qualified instructors who have received extensive training from Coach Tyler. They are fully versed in the specialized technique-oriented program that is representative of Fast Forward Swimming. For more information on Coach Tyler and the rest of the coaches, click here.



DO YOU SIGN OUR KIDS UP FOR THE JG TRYOUT SWIM? No. It is the parents' responsibility to sign up their children for the assigned testing dates. For the LA county program it is recommended to frequently refer to the LA County JG Website for updated information.

WHAT ARE THE JG TRYOUT TEST DATES, LOCATION & STANDARDS? The 2019 Test dates and locations have not yet been published. For information on test dates, location and passing time standards, refer directly to the respective organizations offering junior lifeguard programs for the summer:

WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN JUNIOR GUARD PROGRAMS? It is best to contact each respective program to determine the differences, more importantly, to determine which program is best suited for your child. Generally, the LA County program requires faster swimming times and has an older age requirement, while the others tend to be more lenient on age and swimming ability.

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